Hurunui River Journey 24 to 28 march 2010

Ki Uta Ki Tai
(from the mountains to the sea)
1 February 2010

“We will be boating the Hurunui from Loch Katrine and Lake Sumner, spending two nights camping on the way out to the sea. We wish to explore the river as a whole.
Having visited the source and the main divide to gather water, five or six of us will journey on a raft. Anyone is welcome to join us for all or part of the journey in whatever craft they can handle..or in whatever way they see possible. We wish to meet people along the way wherever the river is special to them.
.. Edward and Penelope Snowdon.

Lake Sumner and the Hurunui river is the last East Coast glacial lake and river system in this country which is running free and undeveloped. All of our other East Coast glacial lakes have controlled outlets. Lake Sumner and the Hurunui have had had many development proposals over the years – there could have been a major highway across the alps, or the railroad, and there have been several schemes to dam it.
The Hurunui has wriggled its way out of all of these. Currently there are plans afoot to raise the lake and dam the north and south branches of the river, for intensive irrigation.

We wish to make a feature documentary telling the story of Lake Sumner and the Hurunui River, and the people of the river.

This film will include local people and places along the Hurunui. The film will work with the local communities who connect in a multitude of ways with the lakes, river and surroundings.It will be screened at local halls, pubs, churches, along the river bank and in cinemas in Rangiora, Kaikoura and Christchurch. It will be available for screening use for people working on environmental issues. Part of this film may also be included in a national feature film about water, which will be distributed and screened throughout New Zealand and the world.

Kathleen Gallagher and Mike Coughlan, Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku, and Healing Journeys
Wick Candle Film, Ph 0064 3 3329192

Or contact Edward Snowdon and Penelope Snowdon-Lait Ph 0064 3 3849 768

Itinerary; Journey from mountains to the sea.

Wednesday 24th March

Water gathering at source of Hurunui, Harpers Pass.

Thursday 25th

Camp for night at Katrine

Friday 26th

Depart in morning; Rafting/ boating down Lake Sumner
Recognition / karakia for Sumner / Hurunui outlet
Running river down to Dozy stream above Maori gully
Camp with river runners and supporters.

Saturday 27th

Meeting with anglers, canoists and bug people
Down river travel, through Maori gully.
Camp; Hurunui camp ground, state highway 7 beside Culverden road bridge
Sunday 28th
Down river to mouth. Ngai Tahu welcome, Hurunui camp ground 2 pm.

the Hurunui River needs an angel to protect it from the National Governmenthurunui 1jpg

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